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In response to these changes, our agricultural challenge is to orientate itself towards a more productive and economically viable industry. As a prerequisite for that purpose, it is incumbent upon us to develop aspiring farmers who have the entrepreneurial knowledge and aptitude. They must have a keen sense of management and be well-prepared to respond positively to innovative technologies.

In the meantime, developed countries in the international community are required to share in the responsibility of supporting the economic development of developing countries. In view of the fact that the latter relies highly upon agriculture, it is of great importance to further international agriculture cooperation.

Against the background of such an international environment surrounding Japan's agriculture, the Japan Agriculture Exchange Council was established in March, 1988.

The objectives of the Council are to offer our young farmers the opportunities of learning management skills and acquainting themselves with a wider field of international awareness. Upon returning home, they are expected to contribute a great deal toward furthering the development of our local agriculture by making the best of use their newly acquired training experiences. They are expected to become the main stay of Japan's agriculture.

Another objective of the Council is to offer aspiring young farmers from developing countries the opportunities of experiencing Japanese agriculture and farm life through staying at our farmers' homes. The Council was formed by the consolidation of the following organizations:

The Association for International Collaboration of Farmers, Japan, established in 1952, which operated programs of dispatching agricultural trainees abroad as well as hosting those from abroad ; and The Japanese Agricultural Training Council, established in 1966, (its predecessor dates back to 1956) which operated programs of dispatching agricultural trainees to the United States. This was done in an attempt to assure further program developments and to strengthen their existing ones. It is my firm belief that the Council will benefit from the combined years of achievements and experiences represented by these two organizations. It will contribute greatly towards enhancing the abilities of our young farmers who are expected to bear the responsibility of Japan's agricultural future. Furthermore, we will be able to contribute greatly towards helping promote and accelerate agricultural development in developing countries, international exchange of farmers and thus world peace.

Masami Sotome

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Tel: +81 (0)3 5703-0251
Fax:+81 (0)3 5703-0255
Email:"agtreATjaec.org" (AT=@).

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